Why Choose Junk Removal Plus?

Top 10 reasons to hire a professional junk removal company

Do you have a lot of junk you need to get rid of? There’s no need to wait until spring to start cleaning! The urge to declutter can happen at any time of the year and when you decide it’s time, here’s why you should hire a professional.

The benefits of using junk removal companies

1. Save time

By having a professional junk removal service, such as Junk Removal Plus of Frisco take care of your cluttered spare bedroom or chocked-full-of-junk office storage room you have more time to spend with friends, family, and important business clients. Instead of coordinating a dumpster rental and trying to sort out fees and permits, junk removal companies are just one phone call away. They save you from the stress and time of trying to figure out logistics on your own.  Some junk removal companies even offer same-day service! 

2. Save money

When you save time, you also save money. For business owners in industries such as real estate, property management, and home construction, hiring a professional junk removal service comes with a price tag, but you’ll make money investing your valuable time into your core business. 

3. Trust a professional service

There are many plywood-sided trucks out there touting junk removal services at a discounted price. But when it comes to your valuable home or business, the peace of mind that comes with hiring a professional company with a track record of reliable service is non-negotiable.

4. Declutter

Clutter in the home or business saps energy. Clean, clear living areas and workspaces promote harmony and a positive flow of energy.

5. Reduce environmental footprint

When you hire a junk removal company, ask about recycling. Almost everything can be recycled these days and it does the conscience good to know your junk won’t all be dumped into the landfill. Just imagining the time and effort it would require to properly dispose of the junk yourself is worth calling the professionals.

6. Donate to charity

Larger household and office/warehouse furnishings, appliances, and electronics can also be donated to charity. Knowing your junk will have a second life makes it easier to let it go.

7. Reduce safety hazards

The risk of junk-induced injury has actually made newspaper headlines. This is serious. If unused items are clogging your hallways, or yard mess turns a leisurely walk through the garden into an obstacle course, it’s time to get rid of the junk! Similarly, on a job site, scattered debris is a safety hazard.

8. Keep up appearances

First impressions are important to homeowners with visiting guests and are integral to business owners inviting clients into the office. Junk can be a distracting eyesore so take steps to clear it away!

9. Save yourself from injury

Many large items, such as pianos and pool tables, require teamwork to remove due to their weight. Attempting to haul certain items without help from a professional may increase your chances of injury. Some items also require expertise in disassembling before you are able to remove them from your house. Therefore, it is better to leave such tasks up to a professional junk hauler!

10.  Equipped to deal with emergency situations

When unpredictable events such as extreme weather, fires, or floods happen, junk removal companies are equipped to handle disaster cleanups Junk removal companies are able to deal with debris cleanup safely, quickly, and efficiently. 

Frequently asked questions about junk removal companies

Why do people hire junk removal services vs dumpster rental?

When looking to dispose of large items, very few homeowners are equipped with the proper knowledge to haul away items efficiently on their own. It’s no surprise that homeowners are often stuck deciding between calling  a professional rubbish removal company or renting a dumpster to deal with junk on their own. There are a variety of factors when it comes to deciding between the two options:

  • Amount of manual labor required; with Junk Removal Plus of Frisco you won’t have to lift a finger!
  • Cost difference between choosing a junk hauling company and renting a dumpster.  According to CostHelper.com, renting a dumpster for a couple of days can cost between $95 to $845 USD. Whereas the cost for junk removal from Junk Removal Plus of Frisco depends on how much space your junk takes up in the truck. Junk Removal Plus of Frisco also offers free on-site estimates for your junk.
  • Depending where you live, additional fees and permits are required to park a dumpster rental. With junk removal companies there are no additional fees; everything is included!
  • The size, weight, type and amount of junk you want to dispose of. Large items are best suited for junk removal companies.

How do I find junk removal companies near me?

You may be thinking “how do I find junk removal near me?” A quick internet search should bring up plenty of local companies that offer junk removal services in your area. If you’re looking for a dependable company, our junk removal service at Junk Removal Plus of Frisco is world class. We have great trucks and equipment and uniformed team members that are always ready to help. 

As the world’s largest junk removal company, we are always in your neighborhood and can take just about anything. All you have to do is point, and junk disappears! It’s almost like magic! If you are interested in using Junk Removal Plus of Frisco for junk removal, call or schedule anytime for an obligation-free onsite estimate. It’s that simple!

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