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The #1 Property Management Cleanup Service in Frisco TX

Do you own a particular property that you rent out or numerous properties? Do you come across the same problem that most owners and property managers do, which is junk items left behind from former tenants? If this is you, we have a solution! We have a solution for all of your junk and clutter issues, and implement a cure for the related issues that arise from it; Junk Removal Plus of Frisco!

Our uniformed Junk Removal Plus professionals can assist all Property Managers in all aspects of junk removal and clean ups with their rental properties. We ensure that the whole process of removing junk left behind from tenants is smooth and seamless. We’re here to make your life easier not harder! All you have to do when hiring Junk Removal Plus of Frisco is pick up the phone and let us know the date and time, and we take care of everything else!

Junk Removal Plus will remove any type of junk left behind by tenants. From old furniture left behind by former tenants or for appliances, or even playsets in the backyard. Whatever you need to have removed, we can take care of it for you. It doesn’t matter if the house is completely trashed and filled with all sorts of junk, or if it is just a few items, we’ll handle it efficiently and professionally.

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